The beauty

I think you might like this book – “The Beauty Vol. 1” by Jason Hurley, Jeremy Haun, John Rauch, Fonografiks.

Start reading it for free:

I just finished reading this book on kindle. The story revolves around two detectives that have contracted a disease called “beauty” which makes you more beautiful. Its a disease people actually want but the side effects are deadly.

The main theme in the comic is the corruption in pharmaceutical companies. They create drugs that stall the disease instead of cure the disease. And they “take care” anyone that tries to provide the cure. Makes you think of real world situations were there are possible cures for diseases but money comes first.

The art style is okay to me i guess one would have to read the second book to see how the before and after of the beauty disease. I say this beacause Detective Vaughn already had beauty so we don’t know how she looked like before. Foster did not in my opinion look any different when he got the disease. I also think that there’s a lot of loose ends that need to be tied up like Vaughn’s back story.

I may get the next in the series i do like the plot


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