The TBR list from hell

I don’t know about you but currently I have about 382 books on my Goodreads to-be-read list. Over the last five years my taste in books has changed  and so I keep removing books I might have read as a teenager and  replaced them with books that suit my ‘pseudo-adult self’. What irks me the most about my TBR is that even as I am writing this I am likely going to add another 10 to it today and I might never finish it. So I would pose this question. WHY THE  HELL DO WE BIBLIOPHILES ACCUMULATE SO MANY BOOKS?

After posing this question to the universe and to the divine unicorn book lord( she exists), i have come up with some reasons why i  have 392(as at completing this post)  books on my TBR:

  1. Because we assume we would read them immediately: we pile a lot of books
  2. Because authors take their sweet time to publish
  3. It looked good at that time but now you read the blurb again and asked your self what the hell was i thinking
  4. You would like to read them but you as sure as fuck would not (war and peace be bloody honest with yourself)
  5. You promised someone you would read it (stop lying your  ass is not going to)
  6. You got distracted by another book ( in my defense the book boyfriend looked good)
  7. You said you were going to start on the Guardian 100 books( yeah…i don’t think i am that mature yet)
  8. School. Nuff said

There are probably many more reasons feel free to comment and add yours. I am praying this year i would be able to cross off a lot from my list or else i would just add a hundred more(we know how this works by now).


1 thought on “The TBR list from hell”

  1. If this isn’t the most accurate post I have seen this week… I swear I just bought two more books from my little secondhand shop and I am already sitting on a pile of twenty that I need to read first. Dammit.

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