New authors

Although there are a lot of authors, we have our favorites that we cling to because we are used to their writing, we love the characters they create. For me my go to authors are Nora Roberts( the OG romance writer), Katy Evans( i have stalked this woman and read every single one of her books i mean common after she wrote Remy how could i not), James Patterson( he said the pages turn themselves and they really do) ,Mimi Jean Pamfillof ( her books are just the right amount of weirdness that i love and i feel like i would be best friends with her characters) Laini Taylor, Nnedi Okorafor and T.M Fraizer.

Recently, i discovered two authors that would easily add to this ever growing list Emma Hamm and Laura Thalassa. Now kids gather round and sit down as i tell you about these women and their beautiful works( i would write a review on their individual books later).

The way to my heart most of the time is through fantasy books and not just any but one about faeries. I recently finished  Heart of the fae and Veins of Magic by Emma Hamm, they are part of a new series the otherworld. It is a retelling of beauty and the beast, and my God i love this story.  Emma’s characters left a good impression on me especially Sorcha the heroine. Not only was the story well researched, it is woven along with Irish folklore and it was incredible. Reading it was like sitting around the campfire while your grandma told you stories about bad ass women. I don’t remember how i stumbled on it but i am glad i did and it has become one of my favorite books that i would cherish forever.  I highly recommend this series if you love adventure and strong female leads.

The next book is also about faeries but here we have an anti-hero, bad boy called Des the bargainer and a smexy, siren heroine Callypso in the Bargainer series the first one is Rhapsodic. This book follows their adventures through the fairy court. Laura’s characters are  a delight to read and they suck you into this world that scares you but at the same time intrigues you because there is danger on every side and you don’t know who to trust. the trials they go  through makes them come out stronger to face the enemy. i also think this is a retelling of beauty and the beast but the folklore is not just taken from one place but it is gathered from different fairy tales.

I recommend checking these authors out and reading the books as i mentioned about. As for me i am reading the other works of  Emma Hamm and Laura Thalassa i am sure they would be as epic as these ones that i have finished.

The links are below:

Please like and comment below on what you think about discovering new authors i would love to communicate more with readers.


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