The dreaded phase: Book slump

Annnnnnnnd I have hit a wall guys. Seven books so far this year four books ahead of my reading schedule and looking at a book right now makes me want to run for the hills. I am trying my absolute best to start a book and i just can’t, i am even trying to write a review for the last book i read (which was amaze balls) but it’s not happening. How does this happen to even the most dedicated readers on the planet. Is it because:

  • We have put so much expectation on ourselves, that we have to read everyday
  • The last book was just so good that it would take a while for you to find a book to top that
  • You just can’t even
  • You slumped so hard you can’t come out of that slump in others words you are slump slumped

So the question on Jah’s green earth is how do you come of this. Here’s what I am doing to combat mine

  • I am going back to read the that was just so good that i cannot even look at another   heart of the faeveins of magicI highly recommend Emma Hamm is a genius with this beauty and the beast re-telling( i promise the review would be up soon, link is in the last blog if you ant to add it to your TBR)
  • I am also trying to listen to an audiobook, i figured maybe its just laziness to read with eyes ( i know i know it sounds stupid but this happens to me a lot) so i am trying to read Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime. I love him on the Daily show and i have watched his stand up.

Trevor noah

So how do you come out of your book slump share below in the comments. Don’t for get to like, comment and share this blog when you do the unicorn goddess would bless you(she is real)




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