Allow me to reintroduce myself(*Zico voice*)

Well hello..the name’s Unicorn, Booked Unicorn( yeah James Bond intro just doesn’t work). Ps. the tittle is a reference to Zico’s Veni Vidi Vici, its a kpop song.

Welcome to the extension of my crazy mind( its what we call blogging these days).  Now  the first thing to know about me is that i cannot promise you a normal blog, you know the ones that are perfect and so aesthetically pleasing that you die of envy every time you see them. Yeah well hunny that’s not happening here( well not yet i am still learning my way around here and finding my voice yadi yadi yada), what i can promise you is organised chaos there is a method to my madness i think.

So without further ado this is me and my random introduction:

  • I was born in a place were mermaids are real but if you play with them you are pretty much dead( Benin City, Victor Uwaifo sang about seeing them google it)
  • I hate raisins( bird poop)
  • I love KPOP
  • I started reading at  three years old you know, the mandatory colored books my favorite was Scrooge and the ghosts of Christmas( i felt Scrooge should have just sprayed Holy water and then enjoyed his sleep)
  •  First big book was Winnie the Pooh( never finished it)
  • My first adult book (i was 12) was Heart of Thunder by Joanna Lindsey and boy did i get hooked on reading, i carried that book everywhere
  • I would like to blot out the memories of secondary school and primary school but hey i don’t have a time machine yet
  • I love music, i have music for different moods and i am an avid concert goer
  • Mess with my books and we brawling
  • I am a tea lover(no not gossip i hate that) i have different kinds and i am always trying new flavors
  • I  love boxing
  • i am a bisexy Unicorn
  • My bestie since primary school is a muffin(well that’s her nickname) she digs books too
  • My biggest dream is to live out every single crazy fantasy in my head( trust me they are so crazy and they scare me a bit but that’s were the fun is. Feel the fear but do it anyway) and i will.
  • Coffee is magic we Unicorns created it( well we pooped it but don’t tell)
  • Fave band is Avenged Sevenfold (A7x For life)
  • If you interrupt me in the middle of a good book i might  will smack the bejesus out of you
  • I’d rather read than watch Tv and when i do i watch animes mostly
  • That said i would rather read than go outside( its a scary place)
  • I love Manga, Manhwa and everything in between fave genre is YAOI. once you go yaoi you do’t go back #fujoshi for life
  • I want to smoke weed before i turn 30….just curious that all
  • I love working out and a beginner health freak
  • And finally….yes i am this crazy in real life my family doesn’t know what to make of me

So that’s it mostly( i just didn’t tell you what is going  Area 51 ) i hope i did not scare you away. Feel free to share, like, follow, comment and introduce yourself. See ya around

Booked Unicorn



5 thoughts on “Allow me to reintroduce myself(*Zico voice*)”

  1. I am currently being here like all.. YES YOU. YES YOU.

    “I am a bisexy Unicorn”?! I am going to start saying that myself because it sounds AWESOME. You should also make a list of all those crazy fantasies in your head you want to actually life. I think that would make for a pretty fun post, haha.
    Saw A7X live once; LOVED IT. Reminds me that I should start looking up the bands I want to see live one day and make sure I don’t miss anything before someone goes “OH. Did you know X comes here then?! It’s all sold out though!” That happened one too many times; no more. [Papa Roach for life though.]

    As for me:
    Food- and book-addicted BISEXY UNICORN who hates pink [I just have to mention that everywhere since people try to change my mind and they will NOT succeed.], has a snakebite, five tattoos anddd lives to discover the world? Basically? Although money doesn’t allow that yet. Maybe I should buy less books..


    1. 😰….buy less books never. Well one of my dreams is to own a house with a library just like in beauty and the beast. I admire tatoos on people but i hate pain thats why i don’t have one i am hoping my future partner takes one for the team😂. I also listen to Papa roach too, kick in the teeth all time fave.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The dream of every bookworm! Although one like Beauty and the Beast might be.. Goodness, I don’t even want to think about all the books I’d have on my TBR with a library like that! I’m just going to stick with a regular room with bookcases everywhere instead of wallpaper, haha.
        Only one for the team?! At least two!
        Kick in the Teeth is definitely one of their most catchy songs, haha. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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