January Round Up

Hi Guys,

I will be doing a monthly round up of books i have read and i recommend. January reading has been okay in total i read nine books, some of which i looked at the ceiling and was like God when will this end.Thankfully they were short ( the wham-bam thank you ma’am kind of books) and the pain was short-lived. While the others were so good i got myself into a book slump and could not get out of it for days .I also started reviewing authors on Twitter through Booktasters, it has been  lovely ride so far i look forward to writing more, which by the way if you are not following me you should i mean i am a Unicorn so….go follow me and i might just poop rainbows for you.

So here are my top three recommendations

LET’S GET TEXTUAL by Teagan Hunter

Delia accidentally texts a wrong number and instead of just deleting it she keep on chatting and flirting with Zach the accidental recipient.

This book is by far the cutest book i have read till date, Zach is the kind of person i would date in real life and have tons of fun with. Delia is a lovely character she was really careful in trying not to make the same mistakes she made in her past relationship. Zoe and Caleb are best friend goals( they also get their own book I wanna text you up which i would be reading soon)

After reading this book i am low-key waiting for my real life Zachary Hastings.


Okay this is the book i have been raving about for the past month. The book is set in Ireland( one of the best places to set any fairy tale) and it is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Sorcha has 12( i think) sisters who work in a brothel by their own will, her father and people in the town are suffering from the blood beetle plague. She tried to get help from the medical council but they paid no heed to her because she’s a woman. With the quest received from Macha the warrior Goddess she will travel to Hy-Brasil and seek out the exiled  prince to get a cure.

What i like about the book is the way the authors writing pulls you in, its like tales your grandma would tell you while seated at the fire absolutely enthralling. Emma also addresses issues like consent and choice of profession , as it was shown that her sisters were prostitutes by their own will and not forced, also their father respected and protected them.  And thing this book removes is that element of damsel in distress, nope that was not here Sorcha was a strong female character that would not hesitate to molly-wop your ass if needed.

As you read you can map Emma’s Characters to the original by Jeanne Marie Leprince De Beaumont. I cannot do enough justice by describing this book to you and all i can say is go and read it.



The stunning conclusion to Heart of the fae. here we discover more about Sorcha’s past and the decision she has to make to be with her prince.

The sequel was even better than the first, there was more character development and more action, it was in fact a display of female bad-assery dare i say. Like i said earlier on this is not a damsel in distress fairy tale, this is more like a druid queen would kick your ass to protect and take back whats hers.

i look forward to reading everything she writes this was truly a great find.

Those are my top recommendations for this month. Comment on which books you recommend and why they were good for you. See ya around.




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