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Well hello there lovely people,

Today’s blog post is sponsored by heat…i am not complaining honestly i just need my air conditioner to work and i am good.

I am currently reading a Sci-fi book called The Gates of Golorath by R.M Garino first path of the Chaos of Souls series. I am still warming myself up to get into the science fiction genre,i have read Who fears death by Nnedi Okorafor and Kindred by Octavia Butler both books made me want to read more of sci fi. So here i am reading more of it, the book was provided by the author through Booktasters on twitter.

Its 40C here, I am melting two air conditioners in my house are currently broken i  look like a melted chocolate mint ice cream in other words i am tasty but sticky as hell( get ya mind out of the gutter). I love listening to nightcore music on the Youtube , i found out that the music they play  range from motivational to pure serial killer psychopath anthems both of which i like. I am also trying to exercise twice a day since all i do is sit on my fluffy butt and read all day i need to be like super toned before the end of this year.

Anyway I am on the hunt for interesting science fiction novels, i am a romance, fantasy,paranormal chick , this  year i want to step out of my comfort zone so if you would be so kind after reading this lovely Unicorn blog recommend good sci fi books for me, thank you.

Read, like and comment and the Unicorn Goddess would bless ya ( she’s real)



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