Hey Unicorns,

I am doing a check-in, I have been having fun coming up with a lot of ideas to write on this blog. Writing for me has always been an a outlet for my busy mind and to make people laugh, I stopped writing the comedy aspect because I lost that feeling of being myself and i was in survival mode at one point in my life. So not to make this post any sappy i am going to tell you the direction i want my blog to take

  1. I will write more on the #bookwormproblems I go through and other people go through
  2. I will be doing monthly book round-up recommendations except a book hits me straight in the kokoro( Japanese for heart) then I would make a post about it
  3. I will start giveaways  from my collection of books soon. Just spreading the love around.
  4. I would love to do more book tags
  5. And finally, I would do more discussion posts. I would love to connect to more book lovers.

I started this blog to create more and connect to people who understand, and even if you don’t read  books a lot stop by and have a laugh ( sometimes its at my plight). Who knows I might do more than whats listed but it would keep you entertained.

Wishing you all rainbow filled week.




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