#Currently doing 2

Hi Hoomans,

Well happy Monday, i hope your weekend was awesome and you weren’t being chased around the house to take malaria pills (oh , lucky you). I haven’t written for a while because hey we unicorns need time to recharge and maybe smoke a joint get high and practice leaping of rainbows (Huh?).

So here’s what i am up to

#currently reading

Pay no attention to my Goodreads currently reading, i have adopted this bad habit of  reading multiple books because i get distracted. I will return to them eventually but right now i have three E-ArCs from Netgalley (Hallelujah i am finally able to login in) and one from Michael D. Dho


So stay tuned for reviews coming your way soon.

#currently listening

Thousand Foot Krutch: why i am just hearing about these lovely gems is a mystery i recommend Courtesy call ( nightcore version).

Janelle Monae: My gurl has done it again with Make me feel video. Its goals all the way through.

Ludovico Enuadi: two years ago i listened to a track on Tidal called Night, i did some research and discovered an amazing classical music artist. Here’s one of my favorite tracks from his collection Islands:Essential Enuadi Nuvole Bianche

#currently practising

Well folks i am running, the day has finally come were i say that. Yes its shocking but i need it, if i am just sitting around everyday i would not get my #summerbodygoals

Yoga and meditation: Okay i got into this for three reasons

  1. I find myself wanting to cut a bitch more than once a week, for instance on Friday last week i was walking on the PEDESTRIAN LANE when some dick ass driver almost hit me. so you see i need to calm myself and not plot on how to you know off peeps
  2. I have got more issues than vogue all up in my head
  3. i wanna be a flexible sexy unicorn

#current fave drink 

Ginger+beetroot+carrot(or apple if i am feeling fancy) Juice first thing in the morning. Great for detoxing you body. Green tea rains supreme still.

And that’s all folks i hope you have a rainbow filled week. Drop by and say hi.


Booked Unicorn

( On malaria pills right now)


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