Comic review: Casa Nostra

casa nostra Rating: 3 stars

Type:Crime/ Noir Graphic Novel

E-Arc provided by : Netgalley

Recommended reader age : 15+ 

Author and artists: Chris Sarracini, Nick Kilislian (Illustrator), Matt Moylan (Letterer)

In 1933, four women run a comforting safe house for Chicago criminals looking to lay low. But when the ladies find themselves violently betrayed by one of their distinguished guests, revenge becomes their new business. Daring heists, dirty money, infamous gangsters and Tommy guns are all a part of the plan in this original noir graphic novel.

What i liked

  • Strong female characters who have their individual strengths bind together in a business were many people do not venture
  • The careful plot of Claire, it was cunning and well executed
  • The art style was well matched with the story
  • The captions were easy to read

The not-so great part

  • There was not enough information on  Charlie, Rosa and Claire’s father
  •  Some of the panels were not clear enough.
  • The story was  difficult to read.

I would recommend for those who love mafia/organised crime comics. It just was not  interesting for me to read, who knows you might actually love it better than i did.


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