Bookish Rant #1

Hey Hoomans,

Today i have something on my mind, Goodreads gives us readers a platform to rate books and write reviews, this helps the authors to improve  and it helps other readers grasp the idea of the book they are about to read.

There’s something i noticed, some people rate books that have not been published yet ( they were not given arcs), this could either be a negative rating or a ridiculous high rating. Now i am over here like bish… don’t even know what this book is about yet and you are rating it. I remember when Stephenie Meyer came out a new book The Chemist and it had not been published yet but the ratings were already low. Now i am forever #TeamEdward( i watched the movie) and i understand that people had reservations about the Twilight series but to put down her book before it was out was distasteful. They did not even give the book a chance. This is what someone wrote as a review and they had not even read it and marked it as will-not read.

The title of this book is an offense. What have chemists (and chemists-to-be) done to deserve such a punishment as to be in the title of a book by Stephanie Meyer of all people?!?

When it comes to reviewing books i have learnt a lot over the years and i am still learning, In fact reading through older reviews on my Goodreads is cringe worthy( i mean dear Lordt in heaven i have one liner reviews and i even wrote ’nuff said’) but i have never bashed an author like this. Over the years i have come to respect authors because its not an easy job, if you have listened to Amy poehler’s audiobook   Yes Please she states in the first chapter that writing is hard. 

Its not easy writing and authors go through a lot to get their book to you so lets be nice people. 

Let us be kinder ,

Booked Unicorn

( Off Malaria tablets and ready to read more)


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