Discussion: The ‘Bookstagram’

Hey hoomans,

Today’s post is sponsored by dilemma because who the hell is sure of anything these days.

I follow a couple of  bookstragrammers on Le Instagram. And here’s what i have decided to define bookstagram as

Bookstagram: the shit you will not be able to do if you don’t have a thing for photography

Bookstgram: Taking pictures of books and sharing them on Instagram for the purpose of adverstivement or as a form of plogging( so its a made up term picture blogging ).

Bookstagrammers have their aesthetics game on a lock down. There is a particular theme their post follow and if they want to change they introduce a theme divider ( i hate that shit it just fills up your feed with blank pictures sometimes).

And to be honest, we love it. We love the way these pictures are beautifully taken, it makes us want to read more, buy more bookish related items and maybe even start a book business.

Now i am going to be upfront and tell you this:


If you go on my Instagram feed you will see my many failed attempts and most of the times i fail so hard i just post quotes.  I have tried and deleted a lot of my posts ( and many failed accounts)  and i came up to the conclusion that i have no desire whatsoever to  learn photography, heck i hardly take pics of myself. I tried signing up for a photography class and i slept through it.

Eventually i would get back to this but if i am honest not this year. This year i want to focus on writing , something i enjoy. If i am going to learn about aesthetics it would be on my blog ( i know i said something about no aesthetics here but i am eager to learn for the sake of writing).

For now my Instagram is used to stalk authors

That being said so any of you guys have a bookstgram account  if so drop it in the comments and tell me why you like it.

Have a rainbow filled day,

Booked Unicorn

(drinking green tea)


4 thoughts on “Discussion: The ‘Bookstagram’”

  1. I’m not a Bookstagrammer, but I love taking pictures for my blog or for Instagram. I’m not a pro and I don’t think I ever will be. But I enjoy what I do and I think that’s the most important part of it. Have fun 😊


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