Book review: I am Waltz

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Today’s book review is sponsored by Robots; because if they took over the world we are royally fucked or better  they could gain consciousness and be our allies against aliens.

I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. So thank you Author-san.

The review


Rating: 3.5 Stars

Genre: Scifi, Action

Author: Matthew D.Dho

Recommended reader age: 15+ ( There’s Blood spilling)

Kyle lives with his father and Harold in a Cognitive Recapture and Recycle Facility(CRF) controlled and owned by an organization known as IRIS owned by Handel Balcroft. here they recapture the consciousness of IRIS bots before their body is taken apart, their consciousness is put into a new body. IRIS places restrictor chips in these robots so that they do not have any free will(and no emotions) and they perform only the task that they are made to carry.

A plane carrying a  set of IRIS bots crashes near Kyle home, one of them regains consciousness and asks kyle for help. As kyle is fixing him up, he discovers that this rebot has lost his restrictor chip and in turn has his feelings returned to him. 

A robot with his feeling returned to him, what could possibly go wrong ?


The book gave me Matrix vibes ( it was a long time i watched that), it was well paced and funny.

It’s alive! IT’S ALIVE! IT’S ALIVE! In the name of God, I now know what it feels like to be GOD. (Kyle after he had fixed Waltz up)
Kyle is has a brilliant mind and he is strong, he shows that with the way he continued moving on with the plan despite the loses he encountered. What i really appreciated was that even though he was strong, there where times he broke down showing his vulnerability . He had the right support group around him ( even though they were deemed as terrorists). The flaw that i did not like so much with Kyle was his trusting nature. From the first part of the book when Waltz appeared i expected him to ask a million questions and run a lot of checks on this robot. I mean what if he was sent to kill him and take his soul or something.
Waltz is a loyal friend and protector ( and dare i say i shipped two of them together). He is witty, he has  funny exchanges with everyone around him. He is also shown to be selfless.
 I did not understand how he came in contact with MASK, that was not very clear. Does that mean in the future he has a tendency to betray more people?
Handel Balcroft: the new definition for control freak extreme. As the book goes on one of the things i would like to know is how Handel became like this, what went wrong (mummy issues extraordinaire ?). He managed to achieve true artificial intelligence but how did he come to the conclusion to use ‘that’‘.
He is a good example of a control freak villain who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.
I like the writing, its is descriptive enough to show you the scenes as they play out but not too much that you get bored.  Just a couple of things, because there’s some techy terminology  an index would help to explain them. I would have like to see a little heading with time, place and day when transitioning to the next scene would make it easier to grasp the multiple scenes going on.

IRIS COOPERATION, 15:03pm ( or something)


I am looking forward to the next book, i mean that cliffhanger tho.

So if you like futuristic books, and you were a fan of Agent Smith and Leo. and you like ready player one Ex-machina and all that beautiful techy stuff. I recommend this book. Links below to buy the book.

Till the next book,

Booked Unicorn




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