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Hey Hoomans

I am on a roll here might as well just ride the wave. Last month was truly a blessing for me because i finally got access to my net galley account and two authors reached out to me to read and review their books. That was a huge step for me because being the book lover i am i always want to talk to you about the books i have read and what i think about them in an honest way. I have read one which i have reviewed recently and i am about to read the others. so without further ado here’s what i have been up to and what this lovely month of April will bring.


  1. The brief and wondrous life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz

I am currently listening to the audio book which is narrated by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Karen Olivo. I am already in chapter seven and my heart has been shredded into a million pieces. I have three hours left and i will be honest my heart is not ready, i will bravely finish this up this month and move on ( thats if i am not recked to pieces by then)

2. Full Circle by Regina Timothy

I will be reading this book and hopefully interviewing this author this month. I read the blurb and i can tell i am going to cry already but i am a big girl i can handle it( i will run crying to my mummy i am sure of that)

3. Graphic novels

I want to read more graphic novels this month, I will also be writing about my top favorite graphic novels.



NYSC camp

So i have to do a youth service thing here in my country  for a year, the first three weeks will be at a camp with military training. Am i looking forward to this ?yes, yes i am. This means that the majority of my blogging will be from my phone. welp Jesus take the will for this one.

Online counselling

I will be trying online counselling this month with Better help. I will right about my experience on here.


I am  still running and i believe this is the greatest miracle of my life so far. I joined Nike Run Club and i am looking forward to practicing with different speeds.

Music recommendation 

Unleashed by Two steps from Hell. I love these guys. They released an extensive studio album with 56 tracks. Its the perfect album for inspiration and exercise. you can listen to it on spotify


Drink of the month recommendation: Ginger + Green tea: helps with recovery after exercise

As always ask ya doc first i am not a qualified doctor.


Have a rainbow filled week

Booked Unicorn.


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