Hey Hoomans,

Normally i would describe myself as an upbeat person, i have a lot of energy and i have a ‘zest for life’ ( does that mean i am a citrus fruit?).

See in this part of my world we are just starting to realise that depression, anxiety and panic attacks are real. There is still a stigma attached, you will be labelled as weak. I say this because someone close to me has said that.

Now this is not a post to whine about everything that goes on in my head. Nope its not, instead its a post to encourage some out there who feels conflicted about their beliefs, who feel like they cannot say their problems out loud or if you just find your self with low energy on some days and just feel like shit( excuse my french).

Its okay to not be okay sometimes.

I think going through life pretending that all is well all the time is a lot more draining than admitting you are not okay and you just want to stew in your thoughts for a while.

However, if you notice you do this often i suggest you get help either professionally or talk to someone you trust or journal( hoo sweet baby Jesus this has helped a lot). I have been dealing with depression and anxiety for a long time now. One of my problems is that i cannot vocalize what is wrong with me and its not  that i cannot talk to the people around me ( family and friends), its just that my bootiful brain has chucked up way too many scenarios ( most of them based on past experiences) on how things would go down.

So i decided to try Betterhelp , a therapy app. I missed my opportunity try out therapy  when i was in Glasgow but hey we thank the lordt for app developers. Hence this month i would be trying the app.

Its okay to get help, its okay to admit you feel down in the dumps sometimes. Its what makes us human( as for me I am a unicorn). So just in case no one has told you today

You are beautiful, you matter and you deserve to be heard. You deserve that promotion, you deserve that dress, you deserve that book. Life’s tough but you are stronger than you know it.

Have a rainbow filled day and remember it gets better

Booked Unicorn


6 thoughts on “Therapy

  1. I’m proud of you! indeed, therapy helped me a great lot aswell !
    It’s so neat how nowadays there’s applications to help us if we don’t feel like or don’t have the funds to go see a real person in an office.

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