Book review: Full Circle

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Today i will be reviewing the book Full Circle by Regina Timothy. It is available on Amazon kindle Unlimited  ( click on the link to get to it). Thank you author-san for reaching out.

Now lets get to it, the review that is

Full circle

Rating: 4 onions-cutting stars

Author: Regina Timothy

Genre: Contemporary fiction, War

Recommended age:16+

Trigger warning: Rape, War


Samia Al-Sayyid flees from her home in Iraq with her son Aazim to escape her past, she arrives in America and experiences a new kind of trouble after the 9/11 attack: racism and prejudice. Everyone around her blames her for the attack and the loss of a loved one because she is a Muslim therefore she is automatically ‘one of them’ (Terrorists). Samia is tired but no one see this and no one knows she has been through her own personal hell and is just trying to survive while creating a good life for her son. Her story and Aazim’s are entwined with her bitchy boss Melissa whose brother is fighting the war and her best friend Susan whose life has already been affected by war.

She has to face her past one last time, feel loss and hope at the same time. At the end it all comes back  full circle.

Because love, everyone deserves to have a friend when they are in need-Mrs Benita

Nineteen pages into this book and my heart was already bleeding. I felt angry while reading this book, i was angry at the side characters who put their pain on Samia, i was angry at Melissa, i was angry at Aazim and everyone at his school. But at the same time while understanding  pain everyone was going through, i also understood the power of choice. Its your choice to hate or love someone, unfortunately so many people today choose to hate.

Author-san touched on all the emotions people who have been affected by war go through, the pain, the guilt  the fear and  the trauma left behind that never really goes.She showed how fragile even the strongest be people are behind closed doors, just because you have everything doesn’t mean everything is alright. she also touched on how young minds are preyed on and bullying.

I loved the writing, the point of views from each character showing what was happening behind closed doors was brilliant. The story it self is what i would describe as

Its deep, heartbreaking and moving but it will make you take a step back and think about what Muslims are facing right now.

The story Regina wrote is  happening right now in America and elsewhere in the world.

I love the strength of each character, it would have been easy to choose hate instead of forgiveness, it would have been easy to put the blame on someone but in the end they all moved forward in their own way. I wouldn’t necessarily describe the end as happy, instead i would say it was more realistic ( i mean at this point i am all up in my feeling crying and all that) and you will appreciate it.

So moral of the story is

everyone you meet
Image gotten from Pinterest. Quote by Noora Skam



Hope you enjoyed this review and be sure to  check this book out. I am always here if you want to chat about it.


As always,

Booked Unicorn


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