Pre-order game : level 1000

Hey Hoomans,

One thing i like to do is pre-order ahead of time so that i get my books without any fuss.

I have my staple authors that as long as they sneeze a book, i am buying . These authors include Emma Hamm ( she just got out a new book Bride of the sea), Katy Evans ( Mogul), Mimi Jean Pamfiloff , Alanea Alder, Laura Thalassa , Sabaa, Nnedi Okarafor, Leigh Bardugo and Oh my gosh(Skinny Pants) the list is long!

Pre-ordering books from authors is a high level of trust. The readers are trusting that the book authors have promised would live up to the hype or since we loved their previous books we would definitely love this new one. Some times the books don’t live up to the hype or just this one book throws you off balance  and we end up devastated staying away from that author for a while. The flip side is we love the book so much that we tell everyone and their dogs to read it.

When i was in Scotland i think my Neighbors hated me on the low because i was that chick that had amazon parcels at least three times a week. Most of the time i was not around to pick them up because of the goddess that demanded my attention, University.

I am about to place a pre-order for Laini Taylor’s Muse of Nightmares and The bridge of clay by Markus Zusak having read their books before i am looking forward to these ones.

Cliff hangers are also a motivator for me to pre-order a book *coughs* the Queen of cliffhangers Mimi Jean Pamfiloff. Listen i love Mimi her books are hilarious, but here’s the thing with the beautiful cheeky author, she knows she is going to put you in a hair pulling situation, she know’s you are going to write her an expletive letter about what happening to your favorite characters and if the world is going to burn. SHE KNOWS, and yet this lovely  author does it every time and so i have to pre-order her next book just to check if the characters are okay( they usually are), the accidental series and the king series( which you should check out box set of book 1-3 is .99c right now) had me loosing hair seriously. But in the end it was worth it. NOW SHE HAS THE LIBRAIANS VAMPIRE ASSISTANT AND IT ENDS IN MUTHAFLUFFY CLIFFHANGER.


*phew* Okay after gathering myself. My point is pre-ordering is lovely pre-ordering does help author-sans and its easy for you to get you book quickly without having to cut a bitch in line. And it saves you money too  because most of the times the pre-ordering price is reduced.


So go out today and pre-order your favorite authors books or a new one you are interested in.


Booked Unicorn.


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