Hey Hoomans,

I am back. 

I have officially started my NYSC program ( National youth service corps). Its a program for Nigerian graduates to serve their country for one year before going into the job market. What happens is you are placed in a different state and that’s where you serve for one year. It starts with a three week orientation camp filled with activities and after that you get placed into a Place of Primary assignment( PPA-this could be teaching or working in a ministry) and you have to do a Community development service(CDS- i really don’t know what that is) . At the end of the month you get an allowance of 19800 naira ( roughly $55) after being cleared from your CDS and PPA.

My ass got handed a Northern state Sokoto, just imagine Dubai( the weather) but with out the glitz and glam. I got sun burnt even though i wore sunscreen, it turns out i needed SPF 1000. I know at this point you are asking do black people need SPF and do we get sun burnt, new flash yes we do need SPF ( its one of the reasons why we look young ^_^) and if you are even an inkling of fair and you stay in the sun too long ( like i was forced to do most of the time) you will get burnt.

I have loads to talk to you about, i met different people and discovered new parts of myself that i have come to love. I was able to do some reading and i have a new fave author Grace Draven ( Scribd came through). 

I also came back with loads of ideas for this blog and my life in general. I am pushing forward.

It was an experience but i will rather shave my mane off than do it again.

Its good to write again, watch this space i have more stories to tell you and books to tell you about.

Yours Royally,

The Booked Unicorn

P.s : I have pictures of my actual self doing things to show you…so follow like and all that jazz.



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