Cover Reveal: 50 Shakes Of Amaziness

Hey guys,

I am doing a Cover Reveal today. This is the second book by Regina Timothy her first being Full Circle which i have reviewed previously on this blog. Enjoy!!


Book: Fifty Shakes of Amazingness

Author: Regina Timothy

Genre: Recipe book

Book Blurb

“One blender + fresh ingredients = 50 shakes to last you all summer!”


50 Shakes of Amazingness presents you with “50- crowd-pleasing and award-winning milkshakes presented in an easy, step-by-step format to ensure success for anyone.”


From the potassium-rich bananas, to the free radical-fighting blueberries, and the nutrient-rich spinach, not forgetting the sweet almond milk – you can be sure of healthy, fun-filled shakes for you and your loved ones.


Filled with classic recipes such as the strawberry shake, and the chocolate shake which are presented with the owner’s own unique twist, this is a collection of simple, straightforward recipes that will help you enjoy a healthy, fun-filled summer.


Whether you are vacationing at some exotic location, enjoying the day at the beach, or simply spending some quality time with family, these simple, delicious recipes are all you need to keep you filled, fueled and smiling all through summer.


50 Shakes of Amazingness is a keeper for anyone who likes to delicious cold drinks or plans to get started.


Regina is happy to share with you some of her favorite shakes of all time.

Giveaway fun

The author Regina Timothy is giving away 5 copies to five lucky people. How to enter you ask? Click on this link to enter. To increase your chances of winning share this, like and comment 

About AuthorReg 2 b

Regina is a writer, cookbook author, blogger and cooking teacher living in Nairobi Kenya.Regina Timothy is passionate about food. Her articles and recipes appear regularly in Let’s Cook Kenya, Let’s Eat and Cooking magazine.She loves sharing her recipes and kitchen knowledge, techniques and tips with homemakers all over the world.

50 Shakes of Amazingness is her second book after Full Circle which was released late last year and has been doing really well on Amazon store. Her second recipe book is scheduled for release later in the year.

Feel free to connect with Regina on Twitter  and visit her Blog 

Where to buy:

Click here to  pre-order on Amazon

Release date: December 12th June 2018

Price E-Book: $0.99



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