#currently doing 4

Hey Hoomans,

So this is the part where i tell you the good news and the what I have been up to. Are you ready?

                                           I GOT A JOB 🦄🦄🦄🦄🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉.

So I am working at a research institute and so far I am loving it. Now after I finished school this last November, I was anxious af and just depressed in general. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go close to a lab ever again(especially if i had to do pcr..oo the horror).

Turns out all I needed was a break (because I went straight in to do my Master’s after undergraduate yeah it was brutal).

Lately i have been feeling inspired with this blog and i have written down so many ideas i can’t wait to start  them.  But for now i bring you my #currently doing numero 4


#Currently reading

It’s pride month and i am reading a lot of LGBTQIA novels ( i read them through out the year but come on June is just so special) and i decorated the blog with rainbows. so here’s what i am reading now.

The Quarterback by MacKenzie Blair (M/M)

The story is about a closeted quarterback (Matt) exploring his sexuality and falling in love with the punk kid in college (Trevor).

I am listening to the book on audible and let me tell you it is delicious. Matt is so adorable i just can’t. The narrator is really good at voice impressions, the southern ascent is on point and that just makes it even better. Its a smexy book, which means there are sex scenes so listening to this at work and blushing is a no no for me but as soon as i get home i am all tuned in.

Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda (M/M) by Becky Albertalli 

Now i have had this book on my TBR list since the day it was released, i just never got to reading until now. I usually read this on my break time at work instead and so far so good, i like it. I really want to see how this plays out because while i have my theories about the black mail i think they might just turn out wrong. Oh i will be watching the movie afterwards Oh yeah.

Soft In The Middle ( Poem collection) By Shelby Eileen

I haven’t read any poems this year so i am starting with this and as an added bonus it was free on Amazon. I found this on twitter ( another great place to add more books to your ever growing TBR) and the poet describes it as ”my little queer book of poems”.

The first page has trigger warnings so you know if you want to proceed or not. will review when i am done.

Hopefully i get to do more reviews this month and write more.


#currently  Listening

Dinero by Jlo and Cardi B issa Jam

Copycat Nightcore version by Billie Ellish

Monster 2.0 by Jacob Banks

Red Cold River by Breaking Benjamin

Attention Attention Album by Shinedown ( if you don’t know already i stan Shinedown)


#currently doing

More research on bisexuality and pansexuality never hurts to know more about your self and community.

Research on dreadlocks . I will eventually lock my hair  once i find what path i want to take in life its a personal commitment. For now i am researching on care and procedures.

Tumblr: I have started a Tumblr blog its still in the works, i will let you know when its ready

Planing a Give away: I have the Nigerian version of Children of Blood and Bone and i am doing a give a post soon so stay tuned.

Fave drink right now ( and maybe always): Green fucking tea because i need a better source of caffeine.

As always unicorns, comment down in the comments what you are up to.

Be kind always

Booked Unicorn




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