Book Review: The Quarterback

Continuing in the spirit of pride month here’s another book up for review. I will be honest what drew me to this book was the cover I mean just look at it🤤😋

the quarterback

Name: The quarterback

Genre: LGBT Romance M/M

Format: Audio book on audible

Narrator: Greg Brodeaux

Listening Time: 9hrs+

Rating: 4 stars

It’s an m/m romance. The story is about a closeted gay quarterback Matt who has a lot to loose if he comes out. And then there’s Trevor the hot masseuse who has a huge crush on him. They start “tutoring lessons” which leads to more…can they survive the heat?

This book is absolutely freaking adorable I can’t even.

I loved Matt’s friends Conor, Damien and Ryan. They are definitely the kind of friends people should have in this thing called life. They were so supportive and they backed Matt when he was faced with assholes like Fischer🙄 .

I appreciated Trevor’s character, I like how even though it would have been easy to play damsel in distress he did not. He is hardworking and tough, his background is not a pleasant one but it shaped him into the person he is. That also made him understand Matt more and be a bit patient with him.

I guess the only thing I feel was left out was what happened to Matt’s dad at the end, I wanted justice.

I listened to the audiobook, the narrator’s voice was on point. The accents and the mood was perfect. I wondered how he did the sex scenes without blushing 😳.

I recommend this book it’s easy to listen to and you would enjoy it.


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