Pride Comics Wrap up

Okay i need 20gayteen to like slowdown already, yeesh i still have a lot of books i need to squeeze in. I have been slightly overwhelmed by the amount of books i still have to read this year, on one hand i happy because yea books but on the other its like so many books so little time.

I am a huge webtoon fan and i have three websites i read them on, depending on the age group you are these comics range from PG 13 ( Line Webtoon and Tapas) to please don’t read this in front of your mum( Lezhin). The list is primarily BL( Boys Love) and GL( Girls Love) comics, but there are two comics that have other representations.


Line Webtoon

Line Webtoon is a platform for free webtoons, its PG 13 so : These are the comics i recommend

Mage & Demon Queen(GL)

Midnight Coffee (BL)

Life outside the circle ( BL with a Trans POC character)

Les Normaux ( LBGT all represented)

Sweet Boy

Small world

My dictator boyfriend

Hey, I’m Gay


Winter Moon

Zombie prince


The other platform i read comics on and i recommend is lezhin, now i know its a paid but i promise you the stories are 100% worth it. And where webtoons does not allow mature comics, you get the full picture here HUNTY and in HD.

Just to give you a heads up that the Lezhin comics i mentioned are Mature.

Kill Stalking (BL)

Make me bark(BL)


BJ Alex (BL)

Devil Drop(GL)

At the end of the road(BL)


Serenade (GL)

And finally the my other place to read comics TAPAS. There are free comics to read on this website and there are also paid ones. I try my best to tip when i read a comic that’s free and also really good just to show my appreciation. You can get coins to tip by watching advertisements, so its a win win for everyone.

comics i recommend to read on this website

DYEW (Do You Even Witch)

The one who loves you from Behind

Long Exposure

Heart Stopper ( Alice Oseman)

Three Wishes

Griefer Belt

I hope you enjoy the comics most of them are still ongoing, so get invested just like me (or hooked that you cannot live without them and you are considering selling your friends just so you can read a webtoon).

Be kind and spread rainbows,

Booked Unicorn





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