Mid Year Freak Out Tag

A massive thank you to Kayleigh B from my endless shelf  for tagging me. I have had a good reading year so far, i am right on track with my Goodreads challenge i have read 60 books and i have 60 left bang on for the mid year freak out tag. I created this blog last year in November and started blogging in January this year, so far it’s been therapeutic for me and although i still have a lot to learn  i am enjoying the learning process.

To the Tag we go

The best book you’ve read this year

heart of the fae

The best book so far for me has been Heart of fae by Emma Hamm. I  stumbled on this book and i have been obsessed with everything Emma Hamm. Its an Irish retelling of beauty and the beast  with lots of mythology intertwined. Its brilliant brilliant. She is doing more retelling of The little mermaid ( bride of the sea) and swan princess, check her out

  • The best sequel you’ve read this year

veins of magic

Veins of Magic by Emma Hamm

  •  New released you haven’t read but want to

Children of blood and bone. Hopefully i will read it this month

  • Most anticipated release for the second half of this year

One Apocalypse by Kristy Cunning ( C.M Owens)

I am invested in this series and i can’t wait to see how this book ends. Paca is the best anti-heroine ever.

  • Biggest disappointment 

Meh i’ll leave that one out

  • Biggest surprise

The rules of supervilainy by C.T Phipps. I don’t usually read classic hero and villain stories( comic book types like Batman) but this one was different a villain called Merciless(Tm) tries so hard to be evil,i listened to the audio book and it hilarious.

  • Favourite new to you, or debut, author(s)

I will put two here, Grace Draven  and  Emma HammMaster of crows

  • Newest fictional Crush

LukaLukas from  Ashes & Embers series by Carian Cole

  • Newest Favorite Character

Sorcha from Heart of fae, she’s strong and badass

  • Book that made you cry

So far none, but  i will be reading Adam Silvera’s books this year and i was told i should expect to bawl my eyes out

  • Book that made you Happy

the quarterback

The Quarterback by Mckenzie Blaire and Heart of Fae by Emma Hamm.  the Quarterback I adored Matt and Trevor’s romance and with Heart of Fae it was refreshing to see a kick ass female who gave zero fucks and would kick your ass if you messed with her.

  • Favorite book to movie adaptation

I haven’t got anyone yet but i hope to watch Love, Simon soon.

  • Favorite post you’ve done this year

I would say its Allow me to reintroduce myself(*Zico voice*) I had so much fun writing itI hope to write more engaing post like this often.

  • Most beautiful book you’ve bought this year

Hmm more like Pre-ordered. A muse of nightmares by Laini Taylor the UK edition. 

  • What books do you need to read by the end of the year?

Children of blood and bone, One Apocalypse and everything on my YA series list.

Thank you for tagging me i now tag Read it and weep girls, Grey Winters, Lauren, Mathangi  and  Hasanthi and you’re it Go Go Go.!!!

As Always

Booked Unicorn


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