Reading Formats

I have come to the realization that i read more E-books( for the past two years) than physical books and as of lately in have started listening to more audio books. How did this happen?

When E-books started emerging i was one of those ”oh dear God not me i’ll always prefer my physical copies, E-books be damned” ( now say it in a British accent). Now guess who has a three reading apps with over two hundred books. I still buy physical copies of books but i buy twice as much in E-books.

Its a matter of convenience for me i like knowing that if i don’t carry a physical copy i have an e-copy ready and if my battery dies i have my physical copy ( yes i still carry a book around). Currently  the only way i can receive ARCs is in E-form, since i’m an international blogger this is the only way i can receive books.

As for audio books, i love the way narrators bring a story to life with their voices it adds a certain quality that you won’t get from just reading a book. For example, i am sure we have all mispronounced names while reading before but listening to an audio book you will get the right  pronunciation. And most recently i find myself enjoying the tone an emotion  correctly portrayed  while listening to a book . The right accents also make a difference for example  crazy rich Asians by Kevin kwan, listening to the audio made me appreciate the story more because the right accent and even language pronunciation was executed perfectly.

I also listen to self-help and autobiographies on audio because lord knows i cannot read physical copies, i would sleep.

So are you like me, have you suddenly realized that you read more books in one format than the other, let me know in the comments.

Have a rainbow filled week,

Booked Unicorn.






2 thoughts on “Reading Formats”

    1. That’s the next step for me I’m thinking of getting an E-reader, I’m between a kobo and a kindle right now. Audio books are not everyone’s cup of tea but if you try it once especially with a good narrator you get hooked.

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