Nigerian Literature


So this post was inspired by Bill (Kenyan Libraries) and Abuja Literary society( a post about the festival i went to will be up soon)

There are three things about my reading life that are true

  1. I prefer to read fantasy, romance/erotica and YA and humor genres, i mean i would venture out to other genres occasionally
  2. I haven’t read a lot of Nigerian literature since Eze goes to school, i have read folktales i have because that falls under fantasy/mythology.
  3. And yes this includes the Nigerian Literary greats Chimamanda, Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka and so on

No wait don’t throw stones at me yet!!!

My problem at that time was i found it way too lengthy and it was the equivalent of shake spare to me. Now i did not take literature in secondary school because it wasn’t in my curriculum as a science student but i did take Igbo language which was were i got to listen to more traditional folktales.

To top this up my hormonal teenage self was way into mills and boon ( i still ask myself WTF i was thinking) and the goddess Nora Roberts.When i started travelling to the UK with my parents and i got introduced to my drug dealer ( Waterstones, a bookshop) who got me hooked on YA,i pretty much stayed away from Nigerian novels.

Now i know my country has produced a lot of literary greats but at that time i wasn’t ready.  


But now, I’m ready

So this is a list of Nigerian fiction and non-fiction i hope to finish this year



From the top-left: Before the other day by Okey Anya, foreign gods,inc by Okey Ndibe, There was a country by Chinua Achebe (non-fiction) and She called me woman by Azeenarh Mohammed, Chitra Nagarajan , Rafeeat Aliyu (non-fiction)

Its not too much and so i will start from here. I will also be sharing my thoughts on them as i read. 

A reading challenge i had this year was to minimize the amount of i read, i did that because i wanted to read romance without the suki suki and really see the connection between characters slowly build up. I also wanted to really try other genres, yes i read them slower than i read romance but i enjoy them and i think thats what matters.


So have you read any of them or plan to read let me know in the comments.


As always,

Booked unicorn



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