Book Review: In Tune

Hey Rainbow Army,

I have now completed In Tune for the synopsis and more about the author check out my previous post ( Click here).

I would like to thank Stephanie Tzogas for linking me up with this book via Netgalley. This does not affect my opinions about the book.All opinions are mine alone.

Now to this review:

First of  i just read a book with a black female lead….in a Harlequin Novel. That’s definitely a first for me. And then author-san just had to make Leona the girl  of my dreams

  • Strong
  • Hardworking
  • Can network to save you life
  • Beautiful with natural hair goals
  • intelligent 

Give a girl a break…

And then we have Luke ‘The Musical Prophet’ Anderson. The first pages had wanting to claw his eyes out i mean give Leona a break. But then reading further i understood why he came out aggressive at first its a sad story and i’m not sulky anymore because he made up for it ( with them smexy scenes of course).

What i absolutely loved

I loved the way Leona was portrayed, her work ethic is phenomenal, her team members respect and trust her. She goes above and beyond for her clients and even more for the people she loves. Despite the strong armor she has on, she is also vulnerable which just made her perfect. 

Luke, his passion for music permeated through the book and he loves EDM ( one of my dreams is to go to tomorrow land the biggest EDM festival). When he finally got his ass in check he was able to see Leona for what she really was and boy does he fall hard. I loved how he showed his tender side to Leona, his love wasn’t selfish and Leona deserved to be loved in an unselfish way after what she had been through before. 



I loved the representation of natural hair in the book, you get a taste of how its styled and our dear beloved shrinkage…and through it all Lukie Luke like it.

The sex was beautiful, it was all about true connection and giving. Not just taking but wanting to give each other true satisfaction. I had all the feels.

The team of people around her, the support  was just flowing through when a win happens they all celebrate and when something bad happens they all rally round and look for solutions. 

I  appreciated how she showed the behind the scenes of the making of a musician. 

I loved that both POV’s were included, the humor was also good Izzy is the best( and a professor in bitchology). 


What i did not like

Honestly its so minor but it did give me a slight bump in reading. There were mistakes, they just make you go huh? for a bit.

I really wanted to see Paul and Ivy get their ass served on a platter of gold but ah well.. i guess its best left to the imagination.


Final Verdict: 4.98 stars because i was in my feeling true out this books.


I highly recommend this.

As always

Booked Unicorn.






2 thoughts on “Book Review: In Tune”

  1. I honestly don’t think that I have ever read a book where the author talks about natural hair, and that is such a tragedy. We have made progress with diversity in publishing, but there are still things, like natural hair, that unfortunately get overlooked. However, I am glad that this book did it justice! I don’t normally read a bunch of romance, but this one sounds good. Thanks for the review!

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    1. Let’s talk about Love by Claire Kanh. The cover model is black and has a nice Afro going on.. It doesn’t really go into detail like that in the book but I just appreciated the cover. Thanks for stopping by ❤✌


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