Phobia tag

Hey Guys,

someone has probably done this already if so ( i hail thee Tag Starter). I was watching  Total drama island on Netflix and there was this episode were they had to face their fears.

So here’s a list of my PHOBIA’s and i tag you rainbow army to participate.


specifically when i have to cross those road bridges and i look down and there’s a huge truck just moving around…or worse when there’s water under brain just goes THAT’S IT WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE…THIS BRIDGE IS GOING TO FALL AND I CANT SWIM. One time my feet was shaking so bad this woman had to help me cross. The funny thing is i’m totally fine on planes.


….were do i begin with these things these fluffy muthafluffers, oh don’t be fooled by these terrors THEY ARE EVIL I TELL YOU EVILLLLLL.


On the first day of boarding school, i remember seeing a big fat fly in my food. Need i say more

Running out of books to read.

I would cry and maybe loose my mind a little.

Being ‘normal’

i have fought with myself growing up, trying to conform and what not, what did that bring me nothing but depression, anger and anxiety. Recently i have found peace with being myself and bettering that….in the words of every Nigerian i cannot come and kill myself for you. I am comfortable with my sexuality, my beliefs and my body, i seek to better myself not to society or familial standards but to a point were i know i’m happy with the unicorn i have become.


Well people these are the things i fear the most, what are you afraid of tell me in the comments below also feel free to tag yourself and others.

As always,

Booked Unicorn

Spread rainbows and be kind


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