Horror Books

Hey you beautiful Rainbowland citizens,

I am not a horror movie fan, whats the reason you may ask? Gather round let me tell you of a couple of stories why this unicorn cannot watch horror movies.

  1. On my 11th birthday, i asked my dear brothers for a BARBIE doll and i was excited i would finally have an original barbie doll. so when my parents opened the box and i saw fucking CHUCKY in his bloody glory holding a knife, i screamed and then ran out of the room. Ah siblings, aren’t they just lovely?
  2. now this one was my fault. For some freaking reason when i was 14, i was alone in the house and i thought it would be a very good idea to watch not one but TWO horror movies, genius right (for someone who is scared of her own shadow). Oh and one of the movies was SILENT HILL you know the one with bodies stripped of their skin yep that one. Now power outage is common in my country (it’s called NEPA) and so it happened, there was no light and it was pitch black. I called my best friend and this muthafluffer hung up on me ( i was speaking gibberish to be fair tho). And then…..the gate opened and i was shitting my pants thinking the pyramid man was going to get me. It was just my uncle coming to give me the ice cream he promised…and then i left the light on in my room for a long time.


Now that we know i do not like horror movies let me recommend some lovely horror books ( i know right !! The irony)

  • As always on my list, they were my first horror book series and among the first set of books i got from Waterstones. The saga of Darren Shan its not to scary ( i say that because i think i imagined the bad guys as cashews..totally random i know)
  • Boy meets ghost, ghost is stabby what more for the perfect romance. Anna dressed in blood by Kendare Blake.


  • The next one is a comic on Tapas, Black pupil. A reporter gains the power to see otherworldly beings after a mysterious black liquid pops into her eye. I suggest not eating when reading this one.
  • And finally they say the apple does not fall far from the tree, and i say genetics fam muthafluffing genetics. Allow me to introduce to you Locke & key by Joe Hill son of the Stephen King. Yes, that means as you read this comic hold a cross near by it will do you good.


Ans so rainbow peeps i have completed my blogger duty of bringing you horror books, ranging from mild to WTF. I  sincerely wish you good luck with these books.


As always ,

Booked unicorn

( hiding under the covers )




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