Discussion: Book Influence

Hey guys,

Have you ever said this, ”it was the book that made me do it”.

I definitely have, i realized that the kind of books i read really influence me for that whole period of time.  Does the character have a tattoo? Guess who wants one. 

Okay so this is the one that really got me, i hate eating cereals  i’d rather go hungry instead.  But for some reason i started craving one when i was reading a book and the MC was eating cereal. After the book i went back to hating cereal…absolutely weird

Does this happen to you?  Leave some character quirks you adapt when reading books in the comments below.

As always

Booked Unicorn

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4 thoughts on “Discussion: Book Influence”

  1. For me it’s not quite as specific as cereal 😀 But I tune into the emotion of books, movies, songs… That’s why I pretty much only read Romance these days. I like to be in a happy place. And I can get rather upset when a book, song or movie manipulates my feels negatively. ^^

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    1. It’s the feeling, the mood , the good the music I find myself being influenced by everything. And the people around me notice it too 😂. Thanks for reading my post I really appreciate it 😊


  2. YES! So many of my travels were inspired by books I read.

    I also tried eating the dripping from a pot roast because a character in a historical novel wanted bread and drippings, but I thought it was kinda gross Didn’t live up to my imagination at all!


    1. 😂 Glad I’m not the only one who tries to eat weird food from books yup they usually don’t end up well ; I booked a ticket to Cornwall once because of a book I was reading The Tent The bucket and me by Emma Kennedy. Thank you for reading my post.


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