Day 1: 5 things i’m grateful for

I am kicking off this #project14list with Gratitude. This project is hosted by shealea from that bookshelf bitch. Today is also her Bloggiversary so happy bloggiversary.

There is  Giveaway going on on her page, be sure to follow her and sign up

I came home around this time last year after studying outside my country ( Nigerian here I studied in Scotland). I was depressed af and anxious about the future. I  started a blog and focused on that, so number one thing I’m grateful for:

1. I am grateful for the book blogging community.

I am really happy I found a place to talk about books with like minded people. I discovered new authors and new books. I talked to new people even though it’s through the web you can feel the passion permiating through the screen. I love it!!! And I’m grateful for every single one of you I hope to talk to more people and maybe one day meet you at a bookcon.

2. I am grateful for the diversity discussion on the book community

I never realized how much diversity mattered on screen and in books. Before this discussion became huge I read whatever I wanted and never really put a conscious thought into it. I also don’t watch a lot of movies so it didn’t really matter much to me. Until this year I really opened my eyes, whenever a queer person or a poc got published I felt their joy, a win for them was a win for me.

We are all in this together and therefore I am grateful for the voices of poc and queer people let our voices be heard loud and clear.


3. I’m grateful for authors

I cannot thank God enough for these wonderful people. They know how to bring out the right emotions in us, they give us books besties ,book boyfriends book girl friends dragons, heroes, dope ass heroines.  yes yes they can be quite the sadists too (killing off our faves), but they’ve made us think of topics we never even gave a thought .

Cheers to these wonderful people ( now get back to writing please).

4.  I am grateful for My job

I am currently working at a pharmaceutical institute. Its a one year internship done by the government for graduates.

It would be easy to bitch about this place ( oh believe me!!). But I figured out the bright side early.

I am grateful I get paid so I can buy books😂 .

And finally I’m grateful for

5. This #project14list

Because I was about to check out for the year😅 and then Shealea came along with this fabulous idea. So thank you I’m grateful .

And that’s all for the first post…challenge accepted I shall conquer this. Looking forward to the Amazing posts that will come out from this .

As always

Booked unicorn





12 thoughts on “Day 1: 5 things i’m grateful for”

  1. i love this list! like you, i’ve never really took notice or was consciously aware how important diversity is until this year. definitely learnt a lot of new things this year than before!


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