Day 3: Design a bookworm/dragons house

Hosted by Shealea at That Bookshelf Bitch

Lets play a game. Lets design an ideal house for a bookworm with items they’ll need. I will start with a list of all the things I want in my future home and in the discussion you can add yours

1. A huge  library.

Yup this is a major requirement (like duh!!) my own personal space to write and read.

I’m fact I already have a board on Pinterest dedicated to this if you can dream it you’ll achieve it

2. The Following beverages: Tea, coffee and  wine

Sipping on a drink while reading in my library. 

3. A huge comforter chair it must be ugly. 😂

Yes I realized that used ugly chairs from flea markets are the most comfortable because they’ve been broken in.  I’ll just have to disinfect the whole chair first before bringing it home

4. A furry friend🐶🐱

A cat or a doggo as my able trusty reading companion.

5. Good speakers:

Because I need my music. I don’t know about A.I like Alexa tho i mean we all know robots can decide to take over the future.

6. Huge mugs

To have and to hold large amounts of tea( or maybe wine)

So what items would you add to your bookish nest? Lemme know in the comments below. Till next post.

As always,

Booked Unicorn






11 thoughts on “Day 3: Design a bookworm/dragons house”

  1. I love this post Chinelo! It’s brilliant! I think mine would be a nice, comfy bed (I love reading in my bed) and a hot chocolate drink (I can’t believe you didn’t include that 😩)


  2. I love this! Huge library, for sure. Must have a window seat. And a good desk with a good chair for writing. A good computer? I guess? Mugs, for sure! For tea and coffee and hot chocolate. Possibly some snacks because I sometimes like to dunk my biscuits into milk while I read. Yum. Now I want to go do that…

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