Day 6: Albums/songs I recommend


All my music lovers in the house hands up!!!

As much as books have helped me find my voice i have to give credit to music for helping me with my different moods. I am a mood reader and a mood music listener, i listen to a lots of genres (aside from country, it just never clicked with me but country Musicians are fwinee).

I also listen to cinematic trailer music ( also called epic music), these give me that extra juice when i am writing.

Lemme set the scene: you are writing a fantasy novel.

The scenes not working out , your heroes are pissing you off and the whole thing is going to shit. All of a sudden you listen Impossible From the album Unleashed by Two steps from hell. Suddenly your hero is the captain of a ship and he is fighting the Kraken, he’s lost some team mates but he’s not giving up…they said it was Impossible buy gaddammit you just won.

And scene

How to use this list ( simply copy and paste it on a sticky note or word and then listen to it any time on you tube or apple music or wherever. If you want to know my reasons for recommending them shoot some comments down below!!)

Don’t worry Today’s list would hook ya up with awesome music. 

  1. Two steps from hell : Unleashed (Album)
  2. Epikus : Otar the foul
  3. I’m a dragon: Apashe
  4. Battle Royale (VIP remix): Apashe
  5. Vicious: Halestorm 
  6. Hymn of the high seas Vol 1 & 2: Antii martikainen
  7. Who’s at the door: Unsecret 
  8. where the hills are green: peter Roe
  9. Dirty computer : Janelle Monae 
  10. Modern Alchemy: Zayde Wolf
  11. Shook: Raja Kumari
  12. Cinematic Songs Vol 2 & 4 : Tommee profitt
  13. The way: Zack Hemsey
  14. No man’s land : Zack Hemsey
  15. Trench: 21 pilots
  16. Kaladin: The Black piper ( an album made by a bookworm for bookworms)
  17. Gbona: Burna Boy 
  18. Ye : Burna boy
  19. Islands-Essential Enuadi: Ludovico Enuadi
  20. Experience: Ludovico Enuadi.

Honestly guys i could write a 100 songs. Have you listened to any of them? I f you have did you like them.  Also recommend new albums or songs you think i should try.

Until next time

As always,

Booked Unicorn.




7 thoughts on “Day 6: Albums/songs I recommend”

  1. I LOVE listening to music as I write. I usually put together playlists for individual projects tailored to the story I’m attempting to write. Most of my non-contemporary projects have the Pacific Rim soundtrack on it, because that always helps me write fast-paced scenes. And I usually mix in Bollywood songs with the English ones. I’m going to check a few of these out, thank you!


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