Day 7: 4 Bookish Merch to look out for


Its day seven and I’m somehow still going.

Today’s post is more of a shut up and take my money kind. I love items that create an experience for the reader. I also love supporting small businesses and its my dream that one day i would have a shit ton of money to invest in the bookish community.

Some of these boxes are Nigerian brands they ship world wide , I discovered them on Instagram and Twitter. I will leave links to their pages of you want to check them out.

1. Laluna_co candles: a Nigerian brand. They make candles and as we all know scented candles are a staple within the book community check them out On Instagram

2. Queer Crate: They are based in the US but I’m hoping they start shipping soon but I followed them this year and their box promises to curate items and books for Queer nerds. I look forward to this one.

3. Book gift co: a Nigerian book gift company. They’ve got stationary and book sleeves too. check them out On Instagram

4. Littart by Ai :They make Ankara notebooks ( it’s a kind of fabric in my country) and recently i bought a gift box from them I look forward to unboxing it. They also do custom made books if you want.

Are there any hidden small businesses within the bookish community you know of. Lemme know in the comments down Lets support one another!!



9 thoughts on “Day 7: 4 Bookish Merch to look out for”

  1. i really want the different bookish loot boxes. i only managed to get one fairyloot box last year but shipping was so expensive that i think once is enough. also, i need candles especially the melting library’s.


  2. I’m not much into merch which is why I lack this great knowledge of knowing such cool businesses but I think I would check these out if I ever get a rush of owning something of my fandom 😀

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  3. I love this list! Small businesses are wonderful. (I say this because I am biased, I have one myself that isn’t doing so wonderful, but I love designing bookmarks so it is what it is.) I’m going to check a few of these out and hope that shipping to Malaysia doesn’t kill me! Thank you for the links.


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