Day 8: Collection of Fairy Tales from around the world


I hope you are all warm and snuggly with the fambam (family members or people who you call family). 


Today i want to share with you my secret obsession: Folktales, Mythology and fairy-tales ( i think they are all different if i’m wrong please correct me). I love reading them, gods, goddesses, tricksters , wise men and foolish men, Everything!!

My goal is to collect  Folktales, Mythology and fairy-tales from around the world. This list is a collection of what i have so far. Please  international readers leave in the comments below folktales from your place so that i can check them out. Thank you !!!

  1. Arabian Nights ( i feel like this is a staple)
  2. Grimm Fairy Tales
  3. Hans Christen Anderson
  4. Japanese folktales
  5. Icelandic Tales
  6. Irish fairy tales
  7. Egyptian Mythology


Okay another tiny confession here : I collect these books so that i can read them to my future brood. What can i say i grew up pestering my dad for tales about the Tortoise ( apparently he’s an evil trickster).

And that’s all folks, tell me who your favorite person is from any myths down in the comments below.

‘Till next time

As always

Booked Unicorn



9 thoughts on “Day 8: Collection of Fairy Tales from around the world”

  1. I have only read Hans Christian Anderson’s book when I was younger but I have my father’s copy of russian fairy tales which I am yet to read. This is really good post though. Reading other country’s fairy tales will be fun.


  2. Ouuuuh I love myths, sadly I clearly don’t read enough and dont even have one for you xD I wonder which ones we can find for Canada.. 🤔

    You know what I like more than myths and legends though? REAL paranormal stories that really happened to REAL people !!! Watching « supernatural survivor » off netflix and loving it! Ive collected a few anthrologies from quebec stories too ! But again.. clearly haven found enough

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