Day 9: 4 New Authors i discovered this year


once in a while there are authors that have me SHOOKETH to the core.

I discovered them this year and i want to share them with you:

  1. Emma Hamm: Heart of the Fae ( Other world series) was the first book i discovered an i have to say i am a huge fan of her writing. Its a beauty and the beast retelling. i look forward to all her works. An excellent find.
  2. Grace Draven: Master of Crows was the first book i read. Its long but my God its worth it. Grace’s world building is phenomenal, the next book i read was radiance series is also wonderful i look forward to her next book phoenix unbound.Master of crows
  3. M.K Gibson:  A classic example of do not judge a book by its cover. I was looking for comedy books on audible and i stumbled on this. i listened to a clip and YES!!! I had found a book i wish i wrote myself. Villains Rule : The shadow master is a work of art if you love sci-fi fantasy world building 4th wall breaking kinda book, you’ll love this. Check out his other book too She dreams of fire.
  4. C.T Phipps: Also on audible the rules of super villainy an Entertaining audio book about a wannabe Villain and his weird sidekicks. 


So guys which authors have you discovered this year share them below with me 🙂

As Always

Booked Unicorn


5 thoughts on “Day 9: 4 New Authors i discovered this year”

  1. Emma Hamm and Grace Davern sound like very interesting authors! Emma for the retellings (I must look into that because retellings are my absolute weakness) and Grace because of that gorgeous cover!

    I recently discovered Marie Rutkoski, Sabaa Tahir and Kerri Maniscalco upon reading some backlist books this year and they have been splendid. ♡

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