Day 14: Lessons from 2018


So you are not going to see any books here today ( i need y’all to save your wallets there’s a lot of spending to be done this year).

As a closing end to this wonderful project, i wanted to fully reflect on  year 2018. I would be putting little aspects of my Journal in the list of things i learnt this year.

2018 for me was a challenging one. I had to adjust to coming back home and dealing with my fears that seemed larger than life. But through blogging, doing my NYSC and reading i was able to find myself and really define what i wanted to do.

So here’s  what i have learnt this year

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  1. If you don’t like it don’t do it even if everyone is doing it
  2. Feel everything  (the good, the bad, the ugly, fear), write that shit down, cry if you need to and let it go
  3. Writing is therapeutic af
  4. Drop people who are not ready to grow with you and don’t feel bad about it
  5. As you pray for good things to happen to others don’t forget yourself
  6. walk away from topics or situations or conversations that you are not confortable with
  7. DO NOT ISOLATE YOURSELF (Please that’s when bad thoughts happen)
  8. Take a break when you are feeling uninspired 
  9. You do not owe anyone any explanation about yourself.
  10. Self reflection is important for improvement
  11. Growth means one step at a time DO NOT SKIP ANY STEP
  12. In the words of all Nigerians I cannot come and kill myself in order words don’t let shit stress you
  13. There’s a fine line between Perseverance and giving up know where you stand
  15. Spirituality and religion are different, at the end of the day a personal relationship with the big Gee matters
  16. Your body is your sacred space and temple don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it OWN IT 
  17. If you want something so badly and you cannot get it now, remember this it will always be there or something better would replace it.
  18. Canva is you best friend

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And thus concludes the #project14lists thank you Shealea i had fun doing this.

What lessons did you learn 2018 ? share them with me below.

Have a wonderful and prosperous new year!!!

As always,

Booked Unicorn

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