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So i did a thing and i am proud of it!!

so maybe it took me a whole year to sort out all my books i brought back from Glasgow ( QUEEN of Procrastination!!). But i had two cups of coffee and i felt like i could conquer the world, i thought to myself why not sort out my TBR list and also remove all the books i will not be reading. I DID!!

What you see in this box below is my TBR list for this year, from series i need to complete to book i need to catch up before the next book comes out,they are all there.


I will give you a regular update on the TBR BOX ( yes i am making this a thing if it’s not already). I will make a spreadsheet of all the books in the box and check all of them accordingly. I also have a book Journal from Moleskine i found, i am excited to use it to also track my reading progress.

Moral of the story, coffee keeps you going.

P.s : I am a HUGE mood reader, so i am praying to God i stick to this

P.s.s: I am planning on buying just four  five books this year ( the ones i ordered last year do not count) wish me luck.


Have you sorted out your TBR pile? if you have lemme know what you plan on reading if you have. If you haven’t also let me know.

As always,

Booked Unicorn




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