How i got hooked on reading

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I have always been a reader, but I have to say my reading intensified in secondary school. My first adult book was by Johanna Lindsey Heart of Thunder i was 12 ( they didn’t group according to genres then, well at least in the place i grew up they didn’t), I read that book like it was my lifeline , I took it to church , I ignored my chores until I finished it. It was worth it.

Then the era of the goddess of writing entered ..I discovered Nora Roberts. As an added bonus  the store next to my house sold most of her books😱 . That was how i became thoroughly addicted to reading. ( I still want to collect all her trilogies)

I went through a Darren Shan phase( fun fact my teachers tried to cease this fro me because according to them it was ” demonic” yes i went to a catholic boarding school), Louisa Rennison’s books were my Jam ( R.I.P ), I had my Mills and Boon books.

Most of these aside from Darren and Louisa’s book where available at my local bookshop.

And then at the age of 17, i went to the UK to study and i discovered my drugs of choice Waterstones bookshop, Amazon, Book Depository and Wordery. Yes Money does have wings around these four.


I always tell my parents….be glad i’m addicted to books.


How did you become a reader lemme know in the comments

As Always,

Booked Unicorn





6 thoughts on “How i got hooked on reading”

  1. I just know I fractured my ankle when I was in primary 5 and I couldn’t do anything else, so I turned to reading, during my break time and my school’s library allowed me to take home books and i never stopped.

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  2. AHHH. Okay so I’ve been reading as long as I remember? Like, my parents have childhood video of me ‘reading’ to my baby sister, and I’ve always loved it? So there’s no first discovery for me? Haha. I love your story though!

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