Why i started blogging

Divider (2)At this point….you are probably wondering WHO THE #@?!!! is this Unicorn?

*Ahem* Allow me to re-introduce myself is a good point to start (Please click on it and read it would give you an insight)..

Today i wanted to list a couple of reasons why i started blogging. I created my blog on November 16th 2017, why you ask

  • I was inspired by two gorgeous women i admire Jackie Aina and Blake Von D. Yes they are beauty and lifestyle bloggers but it was their honesty and creativity that prompted me to start writing. When i write my reviews i hope i am being as honest and transparent as i can.
  • Books: i think its just recently my family members grasped how serious i am about books. I talk about them a lot in real life, my siblings are convinced that  i eat and breathe them.
  • i needed an outlet to be creative: Last year i was testing the waters on  how book community works, how to talk with authors and getting out of my anxiety ridden box of wondering if anyone would read and like my shit… this year i have so much planned i would be diving a lot into my favorite hobbies and finally learn some photography stuff.
  • Talk to other book dragons: i mean a community where you can talk and rant about books and no one judges you..SIGN ME UP. I would be interacting a lot more this year…so look out a unicorn is coming to your space
  • Challenge myself: listen the amount of times i have thought i wanted to end this blog i am surprised that it actually lasted a year. Especially with all the stuff going on with me last year. So here’s to another year of challenging myself to create and do something i actually like. i am looking forward to improving myself
  • Stalk authors   huh who said that.

There you have it. As for how the name came about easy, the two things i am obsessed about Books and Unicorns ( i have an insane collection of both). 


So why did you start blogging, let me know in the comments down below.

Until next time

Booked Unicorn









7 thoughts on “Why i started blogging”

  1. I really love your voice. It comes through in your writing and it is a joy to read!

    I started blogging in September of 2018 as a way to market my novella Divorce XL but it has started to become more than that. Now I come on here to share my ideas on writing and review books that I am reading. I feel like I have been introduced into a world where bibliophiles are out there just like me, discussing authors, pop-culture and literary trends. I am starting to make friends and it feel amazing!


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