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Hey you lovely Hoomans
We are 16 days into the New year How are you holding up? How many book bans have you broken? ( i’m watching you).

p.s.a: it should be down by now your 15 days of grace is over.

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okay, formalities aside. What are you up to? here’s what i’m currently doing
I HIGHLY recommend Descendants of crane by Joan He. I wrote a Review on it , I promise on my Unicorn horn you will want to read this book. Court drama TO THE MAX, like you’ve never experienced it.

Where are all my Sci-fi peeps at, here’s one you don’t want to miss,I will be doing an ebook Giveaway for the Gates of Golorath by R.M Garino and it’s sequel Angels of Perdition next month for these two so stick around and also spread the news.

I am still working my way through the Bridge of clay by Markus Zusak..its a slow paced book, i don’t know if you should call it a young adult book. I don’t think i will be finishing it this month.
I finished listening to What if it’s us by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera. I picked up the audio book for this one because that’s what was available on Scribd . The narrators

what if it's us

Noah and Froy were perfect in portraying Arthur and Ben i still find myself smiling when i think about the book, absolutely adorable.

audible 1

Still on audio books, I listened to Arabian Nights vol 1 by Marty Ross on Audible. It was dramatized with the perfect cast. I learnt how to pronounce Scheherazade finally!! The book was an absolute pleasure to tuck myself into bed each night. Click on the link if you are interested in getting it.

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Music I am currently loving
God Bless Women by Cowboy meets Pirate
Neon Graves by 21 Pilots
War pigs cover by Brass Against ft Maya Azucena


for the love of washi tapes

I have not fully started a bullet journal yet i made a layout but it felt sort of meh, i feel like i have to get a proper bullet journal to do this. However, i’m also thinking i can do with out it since i’m already used to just writing down my thoughts and making to do lists. I bought some washi tapes just waiting on it to arrive ( i see myself becoming addicted).
i am still carry on with my book journal, i have two entries already. lookie here



And thats all folks,
what are you currently doing, how are you holding up those resolutions. Remember to take a break when you need to.
Until next time
Booked Unicorn

Booked Unicorn (1)


3 thoughts on “#Currently Doing”

  1. Ehhhh, I’m getting back into journaling, but I haven’t invested in washi tape. I actually need to get a new black marker because mine is running out of ink lol. Hope your journaling habit stays strong, because heaven knows I always falter during the year!

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  2. Reading wise I enjoyed several graphic novels but didn’t finish a traditional book. 😅

    I do lists in a journal to keeps track. I could never keep up with a full bujo so I feel you there.


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