A little update

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I’m back (and properly caffeinated). And i come with good news *drum rolls please*

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I’m done with my national service.

You guys for the last one year i have been working at a pharmaceutical research company. It was okay and i’m grateful it came at the right time  but in the name of the great unicorn above i will not be going back there to apply for a job for various unspoken reasons.

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That being said, i am now officially unemployed. *sweats profusely* no biggie, i mean i did not get depressed and ask myself why i’m a failure a thousand times. And i most definitely did not get depressed with thinking about what the hell i’m going to do. Nope i did none of that. move along now people nothing to see here people.

P.s: in case you didn’t get that i totally did that.

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I also thought many times of quitting this blog i mean its not the first time but this time the pull was strong. i simply thought i was wasting my time ( you know the usual depressing hole). And then i made a mistake of letting what some human said get me down. He said i might just become a Jack of all trades and master of none. Holdup!! Do i lay a unicorn curse on him or do i let it go?

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But you know what, i would not let my mind get in the freaking way. I would try my damn hardest not to give up on myself.

I thought to myself the best way to better oneself is through reading. I mean the goal this year is to educate myself all round ( spiritually, emotionally, physically The whole she-bang).

So i am going down the Non-fictional genre hole. I already have a list of Non-fiction books i would like to read this year but i need a ‘radical change’  and so i’m going to change my reading challenge a little bit to read at least 15 non-fiction books with the aim of improving the way i think.

P.s.s: This might be the coffee talking (but i hope its not).

I would still read fiction of course , i am currently reading uncle Marlon’s book Black Leopard Red Wolf.

So what books do you recommend i read for a ‘radical self change’. Also how in the great unicorns name does one review non-fiction books? Ah well, i’ll figure it out.

Thank you for reading, if you have any books to recommend fiction or non-fiction leave the in the comment.

Till next time

As Always,

Booked Unicorn




12 thoughts on “A little update”

    1. I always recommend people read comedy biographies/ essays first if you want to read non-fiction makes it easier to get into the genre. But this time i’m seeking a lot more so i might have to go to the ”boring side” of them.


  1. Congrats! I would recommend the subtle art of not giving a fuck. I’m currently reading what a time to be alone by Chidera Eggerue and it’s pretty good.


  2. Wow good for you for making tough calls about your career and future. I can totally relate. I am not in the best job situation right now and I’ve made the hard decision to end my contract at the end of May even though I don’t have anything lined up afterwards. Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith.

    I think its awesome that you are trying to read more non-fiction. There are few non-fiction reads I want to tackle but I can’t seem to prioritize them. One book I want to read is Trevor Noah’s “Born a Crime” memoir. He is hilarious and I can see his book being quite enjoyable. Maybe I’ll pick it up on audiobook soon.

    Good luck on your new goals!


  3. I wish you all the best for Job Searching !
    I’ve been there before, for an awful lot of months.. and I survived it ! Barely, but I did.. It can be tedious and hard to not get too harsh on yourself for it, Iknow, but nothing is your fault. All you can do is apply, present yourself at the interviews and do the best you can ! From that point, it’s totally up to them, it’s beyond our control..

    For me, the blog is ONE thing I feel like i’m doing something “productive” on my day offs and such, and after being unemployed for so long, though I am working now, I still need to feel like i’m not “wasting my time” you know?

    Mmh- the only non-fiction i’ve read was Matt Haig’s Reasons to stay alive.. which i’ve reviewed if you wanna peak at how I did a non-fiction review..

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  4. Congrats on being done with your national service! And good on you for not letting anyone get you down, and finding a way you want to better yourself. Good luck with the job search!


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