March-wrap up 2019

Hello Humans

Yes i am still alive on the interweb spaces. I have just been melting slowly in this heat. #toohottofunction

How are ya ? How was your March? I hope everything went well for you and if it didn’t cheer up love, it would get better.

Get hit with sunshine in your life!!

Morning Sunshine GIF - Morning Sunshine Blind GIFs


My reading in March was filled with distractions.

Distractions sponsored by Kindle Unlimited. Because fuck your TBR 

To be fair i also blame Scribd, but hey last time i checked i’m the one clicking away.


I set out to read and finish Black Leopard Red Wolf by Marlon James ( i have been raving about it) and then start The Priory of the Orange tree ( while taking care of ARC’s in between).

Well how did that go:

And I'm A Huge Fucking Mess - SNL GIF - SNL SaturdayNightLive Disney GIFs


I read ten books totally unrelated to my TBR. And you know what? I enjoyed every single one of them . Yes that’s right i’m a rebel. And i also increased my reading challenge goals from 50 to 75 because who am i kidding, i’ll finish my goal early.

Here’s what i read in March 

  • Proud by Various Authors and Artists ( compiled by Juno Dawson)
  • Kamikaze boys by Jay Bell
  • Living Art series by River Mitchell
  • Fae’s Captive series by Lily Archer
  • Pretend you are mine by Sloane Kennedy ( Short Story from  Protectors Series)
  • Bennett Mafia by Tijan 


And that’s all folks.

I hope April would be better for all of us and i pray for good things and good news in this New month.


P.s: How are those resolutions coming along?

As Always,

Booked Unicorn



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