Nigerian Playlists+ DOTC

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So i came up with this idea at 3 am three days ago . Maybe this is a way to tell the people/aliens /unicorns that view this post to check out Nigerian music (Ionno).

I will also do this for other kinds of music too (Maybe), so stay tuned.

The First book i’ll be using to do this is Descendant of the crane by Joan He Coming out in three days. Here are seven songs and why i chose them you can  click on this spotify link to listen to them.


Out on 09/04/2019

  1. Run my Race by Burna Boy ( No one can run Hesina’s race for her but herself)
  2. Pree me by Burna Boy ( She can’t trust no one)
  3. Ghostmode by Phyno ( I mean we didn’t see that ending coming)
  4. Skeleton Move by Master KG ft Zakuza (Its not a Nigerian Song but its always played on the radio..It says no matter were you go remember the way back home ( Now shout that to every singe character in that book))
  5. killing dem by Zlatan ft burna boy ( Because lord knows when she comes back in book two she might just do that)
  6. On the Low by Burna Boy ( this is me getting my hopes up for Akira + Hesina pairing)
  7. Ye by Burna Boy ( So Ye is an expression used to express surprise ( Its like shouting Jesus but in very Nigerian way if you ever meet me or any Nigerian, you’ll understand), but the way its used in this song its saying i can’t stress myself for nothing eventually i will have everything). So i employ you not to stress yourself just be patient for book two, Joan would deliver).

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I sincerely hope you like them and even if you don’t think they match the book please jam out to the music. Or if you don’t no probs. 

What song do you think go with the book?

I will be doing this again ,the next book i will do this for will be Manwhore by Katy Evans.

Thanks for reading.

Till next time,

Booked Unicorn.



5 thoughts on “Nigerian Playlists+ DOTC”

  1. Nigerian gurl in the building! This is a really cool idea. Am not a big fan of Burna boy, but I do love Run my race and “on the low”


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