Where the hell have I been

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Hey you lovely humans and aliens spying on me…

So i have been off for a while and in that time i found out some how that 200 people followed me (HARPO how did that happen).

Thank you all so much and welcome to my bookish palace.

So why haven’t i posted or done any thing in a while well there’s four reasons

  1. The biggest book slump of life if happening to me right now, i don’t know how else to explain except that its really frustrating.
  2. I am currently on Malaria Medication and it sucks 
  3. I started driving lessons ( God help all of you, i will soon be let loose on the road)
  4. I got sucked into the world of watercolors and i am intrigued ( That means i won’t shut up about it for a long ass time sorry!!!)


I have reviews i have stopped and re-written a bajillion times and they make no sense, listen here bookreviewers write ya damn reviews immediately ( i know its like saying do you homework as soon as you get home but trust me DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!!).

OMG the ARCS keep JUDGING ME!!! and i know i deserve to be judged.

But me sitting here and writing this it means i am semi back ( just let me get well quickly).

I promised a playlist and yes it would be uploaded soon.

I really  appreciate you all thank you so much for following me i promise i’ll do better.

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So I am doing a give-away for two E books by Emma Hamm ( I frigging love her and i think everyone needs to read about Sorcha and the rest of the otherworld gang). 

I will make a post about the details to enter.

Till Next-time

Booked Unicorn



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