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You get a book and you get a book……

My wallet: *Silently Judging me* You flabby Unicorn shut up

But seriously though i would love to be the Opera of book giveaways, not now but i see myself doing that in future.

For today i  shall  be doing a giveaway a book by one of my favorite authors Emma Hamm.

The otherworld series are one of my favorite fairy tale retelling. The first two books in the series are a retelling of beauty and the beast with a unique twist.

What i love about this book

  1. Its steeped in Irish folklore
  2. Sorcha makes me happy ( A strong badass woman)
  3. Eammon the cinnabon
  4. Emma’s take on what it means to own your body
  5. Bran ( Yes he does get his own book and he is badass in it but i need to get you hooked on these series first).


All you have to do to enter is

  • Follow me on Le Twitter @booked_Unicorn
  • Please do not unfollow afterward and no give away accounts
  • Tell me which e-book platform you use
  • Share this post.

This ends on the 7th of May.

And that’s all Winner gets both books

I hope to do more giveaways this year, my goal is 500 followers this year i and i hope i smash it.

Thank you for reading and goodluck.

As always,

Booked Unicorn(Is now 100% recovered from the mosquito bite and can type now)




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