Book review: Red Winter Trilogy

Hello humans

Do you ever have a feeling that something so good could be a lie but then it turns out to not be a lie ? Well that’s how this book was for me. With every installment it just kept getting better. 

okay time for a fun fact about this  Unicorn: I love Japan and its one of the places i  want to visit on my own and also with my family.

Review time!!

Today i would be reviewing the Red Winter Trilogy by Annette Marie, the three books :

  1. Red Winter
  2. Dark Tempest
  3. Immortal Fire


Rating: 15 stars

Publisher: Dark owl

Author and Artist: Annette Marie and Brittany Jackson

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So what’s it about ?

Emi is a Kamikagari, she bears the mark of the Goddess  of the wind, Amaterasu. She has been training all her life to be the perfect vessel for the goddess only for her to discover a horrible secret that shatters her entire world. She saves a fox from an Oni (demon) and then embarks on an adventure that would change her fate.

The series is based on the Japanese mythology of the Shinto Gods and Goddesses.

When a book leaves you speechless and just gasping for a breath of fresh air afterwards, you have to give the author credit where its due.

Annette Marie has given me all i desire in a book, a strong heroine with a steady development, a badass fox god  and action that had me hanging at the edge of my seat. The world building in this book is just phenomenal i tip my hat, because holy potatoes it was gorgeous. I had this series sitting on my shelf for ages and i wonder why i didn’t read it.

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Things i loved:

  • The world building: As i mentioned earlier it’s just phenomenal, it sucks you in and i am not kidding when i say you feel every single thing.
  • The fact that the romance was there but it didn’t overshadow the story or make the heroine brain dead, it made her stronger instead.
  • The growth of Emi through out the series: i am  now placing her in my list of Badass Heroines because that’s what she is. I give the development of Emi and the other character’s an A+, it one of the best i have seen so far.
  • Inari/Shiro : My baby fox , he has  wormed his immortal self into my soul. I just love him. I loved that he did not pamper Emi instead he supported and trusted her decisions. 
  • All the secondary characters: I wish Yumei gets his own book, i want to know ore about him. The rest of the Yokai and Kunistsukami gave a warm family vibe from Uzume’s motherly attentions to Sarutahiko’s fatherly demeanor; Susano is is that reclusive older brother and Inari is definitely the trouble maker of the family,and the daitengu were the pesky cousins you can’t get rid of.
  • The writing: Miss Annette here did her research and because of that she executed it perfectly.
  • The art: Yes Annette Marie employed the help of a brilliant artist Brittany Jackson and she illustrated important scenes in the book which in my opinion gave the book more life.
  • There’s a glossary of name pronunciation and meaning of things: This is really useful, as there are loads of terms that need to be explained.

What i didn’t like

Move along people nothing to see here.

The end of the book was just so perfect, dammit i need more. 

Also shout out to Xpresso tours i remember seeing this on there and i bought it immediately.

Yes this gorgeous piece of writing is available on kindle unlimited, but if you can buy a physical copy please.


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