Book Review: Confession series

Hey Guys, Its been a hot minute, i have been busy with my work i just rounded up the worlds most annoying assay Nitric oxide antioxidant assay. I swear to all the sweet potatoes in the world i was almost at my wits end with this one. But thank Jah I made it through! And… Continue reading Book Review: Confession series


Horror Books

Hey you beautiful Rainbowland citizens, I am not a horror movie fan, whats the reason you may ask? Gather round let me tell you of a couple of stories why this unicorn cannot watch horror movies. On my 11th birthday, i asked my dear brothers for a BARBIE doll and i was excited i would… Continue reading Horror Books

Book Review: She Dreams Of Fire

Title: She Dreams of Fire ( Hammer of the witches #1) Author: M.K Gibson Genre: Supernatural, fantasy Ratings: 5 '' so many questions i'm waiting on the next one'' stars Publisher: Amber Cove publishing publication date: May 3rd, 2018   Quick Summary: Agatha 'Aggy' Grae looses her mom in a fire. She cuts herself, looses… Continue reading Book Review: She Dreams Of Fire

Book review: Villains Rule: The Shadow Master

Tittle: Villains Rule: The Shadowmaster #1 Author: M.K. Gibson Genre: Fantasy Rating: 5'Villainous' Stars Date published: 19/07/2017 on audible Publisher : Amber cove publishing Synopsis from GR Hi, how are you?  Yes, I am talking to you, the reader of the this book’s description. It’s rude not to answer a person when they ask you… Continue reading Book review: Villains Rule: The Shadow Master

Book Review: Sleepless Vol 1.

Hey Rainbow army, I don't know if any of you have read Saga by  Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples if you haven't hunny you are missing out. So i learnt they are going on a years hiatus, they recommended a couple of comics to keep us happy while they are gone, one of them… Continue reading Book Review: Sleepless Vol 1.

Book Review: In Tune

Hey Rainbow Army, I have now completed In Tune for the synopsis and more about the author check out my previous post ( Click here). I would like to thank Stephanie Tzogas for linking me up with this book via Netgalley. This does not affect my opinions about the book.All opinions are mine alone. Now… Continue reading Book Review: In Tune

Book Review: SeaWitch

Author: Sarah Henning Genre: YA retelling ( little mermaid), Fantasy, mythology Finished or DNF: Finished Rating:3 don't know how to feel stars E-arc provided by Netgalley Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books Pages : 368 Publication date : July 31st 2018 GR synopsis Everyone knows what happens in the end. A mermaid, a prince, a true love’s… Continue reading Book Review: SeaWitch