You get a book and you get a book...... My wallet: *Silently Judging me* You flabby Unicorn shut up But seriously though i would love to be the Opera of book giveaways, not now but i see myself doing that in future. For today i  shall  be doing a giveaway a book by one… Continue reading GIVEAWAY TIME


Where the hell have I been

HELLO!!!! Hey you lovely humans and aliens spying on me... So i have been off for a while and in that time i found out some how that 200 people followed me (HARPO how did that happen). Thank you all so much and welcome to my bookish palace. So why haven't i posted or done… Continue reading Where the hell have I been

A little update

Hellooooooo!!!!!! I'm back (and properly caffeinated). And i come with good news *drum rolls please* I'm done with my national service. You guys for the last one year i have been working at a pharmaceutical research company. It was okay and i'm grateful it came at the right time  but in the name of the… Continue reading A little update

Monthly Round up #1

Hello you lovely hoomans January is over already..excuse me for a second TIME SLOW THE FUCK DOWN Right where was i? Back to the monthly round up, this month my reading started of pretty awesome. I read two arcs from Netgalley and Edelweiss ( my first try and i am shook that i got it)… Continue reading Monthly Round up #1

#Currently Doing

Hey you lovely Hoomans We are 16 days into the New year How are you holding up? How many book bans have you broken? ( i'm watching you). And for the love of God...HAVE YOU TAKEN THAT BLOODY CHRISTMAS TREE DOWN? p.s.a: it should be down by now your 15 days of grace is over.… Continue reading #Currently Doing