Review policy

Hi Humans, publishers, authors and aliens

Welcome to the ”Rules” page. 

Now it took me a while to come up with this i mean i even wrote it down in my  takeover the world book ( every unicorn keeps one). But i had to scrap that one, see the problem was that i put way too much pressure on myself to be seen as this ”professional reader”   (seriously wtf past me) and i lost out on all the fun of reading. But praise Jah i have recovered my sense back.

So lets gets somethings straight,

  1. I do this because i like books and if i read a story that i love i want to shout it out to the whole world. I write exactly what i feel about the book.
  2. I will not be rushed, i like doing things without pressure 
  3. Physical ARC’s are very much welcome but i understand if shipping is too expensive, if that’s the case and i am interested in the book i would buy it and review it later ( Might sound weird but i am trying to read more physical books cause of my eyesight). I accept audio books.
  4. Just so we are clear here i DO NOT share or sell ARC’s given to me digital or physical unless permitted to.
  5. Sometimes i will decline request but that’s because i want to read the books i stocked up on ( seriously 463 and counting)
  6. I will not tag you in my reviews if its lower than 4 star rating. 
  7. I might send you a message asking you to explain somethings in your book so i can get a better understanding. ( PS: i might also send a fangirl message if i loved it and maybe bug you about the next book , it all in love)
  8. And finally please send an email explaining what the book is about and also a short author bio. If i do not reply within 48 hours it means i am not going to be reviewing it.

Genres i like to read are

  • Fantasy/supernatural/paranormal/magic realism ( they are the same but different )
  • Romance (f/f, m/m, mmm, fff reverse harem the whole shebang)
  • Retelling/ folklore /mythology are my kryptonite 
  • Mafia romance are a hell yes
  • Humor

As far as publishing goes i welcome indie publishers with open arms , and larger publishing houses if you do look my way Heyyyy!!! welcome i would review your books too.

I would update this when necessary, but until then these are my policies.


And that’s all folks. 

As always,

Booked Unicorn

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