Day 10 : Self-care tips

THIS PROJECT IS HOSTED BY SHEALEA FROM THAT BOOKSHELF BITCH ( THE GORGEOUS HEADER WAS ALSO PROVIDED BY HER) Hey you , how are you ?  I hope you had a lovely holiday surrounded by the people you love, if not i am sending you massive fluffy unicorn hugs right now feel it through the screen you… Continue reading Day 10 : Self-care tips


Expectations Vs Reality based on romance novels

Hey Hey Hey Unicorns, Happy valentines day/ single and fabulous day( some of us say this to console ourselves).  I was doing yoga last week and suddenly in between the oh-shit-i-can't-bend-this-far pose and pooping myself i had this idea to write about the way too high expectations used to have about dating and love in… Continue reading Expectations Vs Reality based on romance novels

Allow me to reintroduce myself(*Zico voice*)

Well hello..the name's Unicorn, Booked Unicorn( yeah James Bond intro just doesn't work). Ps. the tittle is a reference to Zico's Veni Vidi Vici, its a kpop song. Welcome to the extension of my crazy mind( its what we call blogging these days).  Now  the first thing to know about me is that i cannot… Continue reading Allow me to reintroduce myself(*Zico voice*)